For the first time the National Gallery of San Marino promotes a special project for the Republic of San Marino Pavilion.
The project presents the work of Martina Conti, curated by Alessandro Castiglioni and Emma Zanella, with the aim of supporting an emerging Sammarinese artist and enriching the public collection of the museum.

The work of Martina Conti is based on a series of physical and choreographic exercises called Exercises for a Polluted Mind devoted to the members of the Consiglio Grande e Generale / the Great and General Council: the unicameral Parliament of the Republic of San Marino.
This artistic project thus comes into direct contact with spaces, bodies and times of politics. The sessions have indeed been held inside the Sala del Consiglio/Council Hall at Palazzo Pubblico preceding Parliament work sessions, with a group of members of the Parliament from different political orientations who had accepted to take part in the project. The gathering of individual bodies thus defined, simultaneously represents the political body physically as well as metaphorically, therefore one of the possible social bodies and, as such, capable of reflecting the meaning of being together. The artist writes: “This research aims at investigating the relationship between artist/citizen and the political dimension. Exercises for a Polluted Mind has the objective of inviting the politicians to be personally and physically involved in an art project and thus open up to a new dynamic of public involvement. My operative and artistic focus, the tool I work with, is the body. The project has the objective of sharing an artistic practice based on listening to the body for it to also become a way of doing politics, whereas working on the body is apolitical act”.